Friday, April 30, 2010

Weeks Retires Some Colors

Hi Stitching Friends,

I just wanted to let you know that Weeks Dye Works is discontinuing some of their colors and one of them on the list is used for a couple of Milady's Needle Patterns.  Both Sampler Bands Rule and Beauty From My Needle use the color Okefenokee #3940.  So, if you have one of these patterns, you might want to obtain this color from your local needlework shop before their supplies are gone.  There is no match for this color in DMC or Anchor, so you will need this color for this design.  

 Beauty From My Needle          
Sampler  Bands Rule

As a precaution, you might want to check their website at for colors that have been discontinued and inventory your patterns that use these colors.

Have a great stitching weekend.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Winners of The Online Needlework Show Drawing

The Online Needlework Show is over now and almost all the orders went out to the shops this week.  So, if you asked your local needlework shop to order something for you, thank-you!  Contact them later next week and they should have it in stock.

Now...drum roll...the winners of the consumer drawing are as follows:

Barb (omashee aka Barb)

I have emailed a couple of you, but don't have access to an email address for the third.  Please email me and let me know you have received your email notifying you that you won the drawing.  Congratulations to all of you!!  The next drawing will be at the Online Needlework Show in October.

Thanks too for all your wish lists.  It looks as though I am on track in designing what you seem to like to stitch.  That's good news as am working on some new designs for the St. Charles Show.  I am making some changes in how my business is run, and hopefully that result in more designs throughout the year, rather than just at major shows. 

I hope you have been getting in some quality stitching time.  There are always so many wonderful designs out there to stitch.  I wish I had more time to stitch on designs that are not my own.  This year I finally decided that I would set aside some personal stitching time on the weekends and it has been very relaxing to not worry about a deadline or correcting mistakes on a chart.  I signed up for my sampler guild's MAGIC program...which for those of you who don't know stands for My Anual Good Intentions Contract.  I chose a couple of things I would like to get done before the end of the year and if all goes well, I think I might just make it. 

That's all the news this time around.  Take time to stitch and enjoy the coming summer months.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Check out Milady's Needle Designs at the Online Needlework Show

Hello All,

The online needlework show starts on Thursday April 15th so be sure to visit: to view Milady's Needle Designs.  Let your local needlework shop know which designs you would like to purchase and if they don't carry them, ask them to contact Milady's Needle to order charts.  Also...Take time to check out the instructions for entering the drawing during the show.  When  you post your reply tell me your favorite Milady's Needle Designs in the form of a wish list.  If  you are one of the lucky winners of the drawing, I will try to make a wish or two from your list come true.  Your lists will also tell me which types of designs I need to do more of in the future, so help me out and enter the drawing.

In other news...I will not be attending the summer trade show in Columbus this year.  Fewer and fewer cross stitch shops are attending that market, so I will focus my energies on the Nashville and St. Charles Markets.  With that in need to know that due to a number of issues related to the production of our pin cushions, we are currently not taking orders for these.  They will primarily be available at trade shows.  If you want a pin cushion base, be sure to visit your local needlework store.  If they do not have them ask them to pick some up at one of the trade shows. 

Spring is near it's end and summer has already come to Texas.  Opening the windows is something I don't do as the wind here is pretty strong and the dust just goes everywhere.  Makes me wish I was back up North again where I can open the windows and let the breeze come in.  

My local sampler guild (Tudor Rose Sampler Guild) is celebrating it's 10th anniversary this next Saturday and we are having a tea party at the Dallas Arboretum.  The goody bags are already filled with fun items made by various guild members and many designers have generously donated wonderful door prizes.  It will be a wonderful celebration and I am looking forward to spending time with friends whose love is also samplers.

I hope you have a great day and take time to stitch!