Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Back from Nashville

Hello Friends,

Whew!  What a whirlwind of fun and work this year's Nashville market was during the last week.  Of course 10 hours of driving both ways is very tiring, but made more fun with my two market helpers and friends Sylvia and Michelle.  I couldn't have made it through my preparations with out the many friends I have and I wouldn't have been able to go to the market without my market helpers.  Thanks so much to all of you who helped to bring this off!!  And special thanks to Sylvia and Michelle for their unending patience and support while at the show!

Now, on to the news.  I took pictures of the suite before we took everything down at the end of the show and when I went to download them found that I didn't have a card in the camera to record the pictures.  Great!!  So, sorry I don't have a picture of the suite for you to see.  Though the suite was small, we did fit everything in.  From Thursday to Monday we really worked and played hard.  We saw old friends and met new ones.  I hope that Sylvia and Michelle will tell you about their market experience in their blogs.

There were five new releases at the let's get started.  The first one was My Little Bees Ruler Pocket which includes the gold ruler.  The design matches the Bees' Rule and the Bee's Rule Accoutrements.  Now the only thing left to do is the matching basket. 

Bee's Ruler Pocket

Bee's Rule Accoutrements

The second one is ABC Come Stitch With Me and includes patterns for a ruler, floss tag, sewing pocket, needlebook and scissors fob.  A pretty two color sceme with Crescent Colours was used, but I would love to see your work if you do it other colors. 

ABC Come Stitch With Me

The third and 4th releases are Milady's Quaker Pendants I & II.  You get enough fabric and silks to do all four patterns.  One pendant is included in the kit and you can get extra pendants from your local needlework store. 

Milady's Quaker Pendants I

Milady's Quaker Pendants II

The last release is A Schoolroom Primer and it's a small hornbook design.  The kit includs the fabric, floss, a parchment alphabet and the hornbook.  One of the parchment alphabets is in the photo.  It is attached to the back of the hornbook with glue and then covered with a matte finish.  

A Schoolroom Primer

All of these were well received at Nashville and should be at your local shop this week.  I hope you like the new things as much as the shops did.  Let me know what you think. a reminder...please send me photos of any finished Milady's Needle Design.  I plan to post them to my blog eventually.  It's late here and I should sign off.  

Hope you all have a wonderful day stitching to your hearts content.