Monday, October 22, 2012

Winner of the 200 Followers Drawing

Hello Friends,

I have to tell you that I was thrilled to receive all of your responses to the question I posed regarding what you do with stash that you know you will never stitch.  So many wonderful responses which gave me some great ideas about what to do with my stash.  If you didn't get to read them all you should go back and read the responses.  You will get some ideas for your own stash plus a few chuckles.  I could relate to many of you who said you couldn't give up your stash just yet.  After all, you might live to be very old and get everything stitched.  :)

I really like the idea from Rebecca which was to ask yourself "What do you want to put your time into to leave behind 'one' day?"  Another thoughtful question to ask yourself shared by J9's friend is to ask yourself while looking at your current decor "Where would I put this piece?"   Of course many of you think of your friends who might want to stitch what you might no longer want to stitch and that is the best gift for a stitching friend.  All in all I really had a great time reading what each of you contributed as answers to this common "problem".  ;)  What we all seem to love to do is to go through our stash and enjoy thinking about what we plan to stitch. 

On to the drawing!!  The winner of the 200th Follower Drawing is: Natasha.  Congratulations Natasha.  Please send me an email to let me know your address so I can get your gift out to you.  Isn't it great!!  Once I posted hitting 200 followers it wasn't all that long before seventeen more people decided to join the blog.  Too much Fun!

Stayed tuned in to Milady' s Needle Blog to find out the winners of the Online Needlework Show.

Until Next Time...Keep your needles busy!!  You have lots of stash to stitch!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Online Needlework Show Starts On Thursday

Hello Friends,

Well, it's time again for the Online Needlework Show!  Starting tomorrow you can go to  and browse for new and current designs.  Be sure to contact your local needlework store or your favorite online needlework shop and let them know what patterns you would like to see them order.  They need to know this as usually shops will do special orders for you during this show. 

After asking you for feedback regarding the Cottage Charm Stitcher's Pocket design a few weeks ago; I decided to release the pattern as a chart.  The design is listed as new for the Online Needlework Show.

I emailed some of the shops who participate in my automatic orders program and a couple of shops emailed me back to let me know they still had a few of the kits left.  So, if you are really wanting to do this project and finish with that cute alphabet fabric contact either Linda at House of Stitches ( or Debbie at Stitchville USA (  I am sure they can help you obtain this kit.

Online Neelework Show Drawing
What would the Online Needlework Show be without a drawing!?!  :)  You all know the drill by now, but in case you are new to my blog here's what to do.  To enter make a comment to this post and list a couple of your favorite designs by Milady's Needle.  Be sure to include your email in your post or I will have trouble contacting you to let you know if you win.  The drawing is held after the show closes on Tuesday the 23rd of October.  So, be sure to browse the show and enter the drawing.  Boy, two drawings in one week.  What am I thinking.  :)

Til Next Time...Keep On Stitching.


P.S.  And don't forget to leave a comment about your "stash practices" on my last post for the 200th Follower Celebration Drawing.  There have been some great comments by all of you.  I am not surprised by how similar we all are as we think about giving away stash.  I have enjoyed reading them with a chuckle or two.  I might just have to do this again when I reach 300 followers.  :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Milady's Blog Hits 200 Followers! Let's Celebrate!

Hello Friends,

I have been waiting for a long time for the follower count to hit 200 and within the last couple weeks it has finally reached that goal.  Not that I don't want more of course, but I promised myself a celebration when the count got that high. celebrate, let's have a drawing! 

The drawing will be for a few needlework related goodies that seem to be multiplying like wildfire in my personal stash.  If you know me, this is a real sacrifice since I don't often give from my "personal stash."  I have way too much trouble making a decision about what to give away.  My friends say I easily have enough stash to open a shop.  :)  Even though I know I will never stitch all that I have in my stash, I love to go through everything and dream about what I want to stitch next.  It's hard for me to let go of those dreams.  So, I hope you like what I have chosen to send on to some lucky stitcher out there in blog land. 

To enter, just post a comment here and tell me what you do with stash that you love, but know you will never get to in this lifetime.  Some of you may keep everything, others may give it away.  If you do the latter, how do you decide to give up on the dream of stitching that design?  What do you tell yourself when you decide to keep the pattern instead of giving it away? (If you are anything like me you might say to yourself "Oh, I think I will put that design to the front of the to do pile".  :)  As I hear from you, I will put your name in the drawing which will be held on Monday October 22nd in honor of a dear friend's birthday.  The odds of winning are only 1 in 200, so what have you got to lose?

I have included a few patterns from some of my favorite designers, gift cards, a needle threader, a cute gold bookmark with sewing items attached, sampler cards, a small alphabet notebook, a Mary Englebreit Sewing Kit and finally a Ginger Snip of which I have two more in my stash.  I just love these little snippers and I can hang it around my neck on a satin cord for easy use.

Looking forward to hearing your stories about your stash.

Until Next Time
Keep Your Needle Busy,


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue

Hello Friends,

The ornament issue has been out about a month now and I just thought I would give you a close up look at the ornament I designed for 2012.  I think it turned out quite nice. 

It's called....gee can you guess?...A Partridge in A Pear Tree.  Hope you will enjoy stitching this ornament.  I have had a few people asking when Two Turtle Doves will be coming out and I had not really planned on designing the whole song.  Not sure I want to commit to a series again.  Keeping up with a series is a commitment that is hard to manage and I don't want to disappoint people who are looking forward to the next installment.  So, if it happens that I decide to do another from this song, it won't be in order and it probably won't be all of them.

Until Next Time,


Sunday, October 7, 2012

This Week at Milady's House

Hello Friends,

Well, a lot has been happening lately.  Remember my office before:

The office has now been remodeled.  Here are pictures of the new office fairly empty.  I am so excited!!!

When I get everything in it's place again, I will post a few more pictures.    I had the counter tops done in linen laminate, which will really hold up with constant use (i.e. cutting fabric, assembling patterns, thread comparisons, etc....I can just throw the threads on the counter top and get good idea of what the colors will look like on flax linen.  :)

Check out the counter!!!  You can see it pictured next to the end of my sampler table runner!

Anyway, I think this will work out wonderfully for both my business and my stitching.  I even have a nice comfortable stitching chair from  Lazy Boy.  :)  It's going to be awhile before everything goes back in place, but hopefully by the end of the year I will have a clean office, guest room and great room.  We will finally be able to have an open house.

So, what do you think????

Until next time...keep those needles humming.