Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Milady's Blog Hits 200 Followers! Let's Celebrate!

Hello Friends,

I have been waiting for a long time for the follower count to hit 200 and within the last couple weeks it has finally reached that goal.  Not that I don't want more of course, but I promised myself a celebration when the count got that high.  So...to celebrate, let's have a drawing! 

The drawing will be for a few needlework related goodies that seem to be multiplying like wildfire in my personal stash.  If you know me, this is a real sacrifice since I don't often give from my "personal stash."  I have way too much trouble making a decision about what to give away.  My friends say I easily have enough stash to open a shop.  :)  Even though I know I will never stitch all that I have in my stash, I love to go through everything and dream about what I want to stitch next.  It's hard for me to let go of those dreams.  So, I hope you like what I have chosen to send on to some lucky stitcher out there in blog land. 

To enter, just post a comment here and tell me what you do with stash that you love, but know you will never get to in this lifetime.  Some of you may keep everything, others may give it away.  If you do the latter, how do you decide to give up on the dream of stitching that design?  What do you tell yourself when you decide to keep the pattern instead of giving it away? (If you are anything like me you might say to yourself "Oh, I think I will put that design to the front of the to do pile".  :)  As I hear from you, I will put your name in the drawing which will be held on Monday October 22nd in honor of a dear friend's birthday.  The odds of winning are only 1 in 200, so what have you got to lose?

I have included a few patterns from some of my favorite designers, gift cards, a needle threader, a cute gold bookmark with sewing items attached, sampler cards, a small alphabet notebook, a Mary Englebreit Sewing Kit and finally a Ginger Snip of which I have two more in my stash.  I just love these little snippers and I can hang it around my neck on a satin cord for easy use.

Looking forward to hearing your stories about your stash.

Until Next Time
Keep Your Needle Busy,



  1. First of all, CONGRATS on 200! :-)

    I'm a horder......at least as far as my stash is concerned! I just hate to give away any of my old charts for fear that I may want to stitch them again. (I never have, but you never know!) If I've "outgrown" the chart I try to give it to someone that I know will use it. I've even been known to "rescue" cross stitch items from estate sales becuase I can't stand to see them go to the trash bin.

    Maybe one day I will convince myself to let go a little more....NAH!

  2. Congratulations on 200 followers! I have a horrible time getting rid of stash. I'm a hoarder and I'm proud to admit it! However, a year or so ago, I went through all my stash and pulled out patterns that I knew that I'd never use again. Some I gave away to the Senior Citizen Center - they are always looking for things to do. And the rest I gave to the Library for their semi-annual book sale. And I barely made a dent. I have such a hard time letting go!!

  3. Congratulations on 200 followers, thats awesome! I guess I am a hoarder also, I don't like getting rid of my stash because someday I my need it. And I also know that I will never use everything that I have on hand. When I am low on cash and want something new I just go to my stitching room and start going through my stash and I always find something that I had forgotten I had. What would have I done without that stash on hand??? I would love to join in on your Celebration.
    Happy Stitching

  4. Congrats on your 200th Follower. My stash sits beside me in a wicker basket and is my security blanket. Knowing I always have something to look forward to makes me happy!

  5. Nice looking selection of stash to put in your giveaway!!! Like you, I "collect" charts, linen, threads....you name it! When it comes to this wonderful passion called cross stitch, we just LOVE IT All...Thanks for the chance to help you celebrate in your 200 followers!!! Way to go!! Faye

  6. What a great thing to celebrate - congrats on 200 :). I admit to more stash than any one person should own! I support several missionaries and some art teachers by providing supplies for teaching to them several times a year. I start with my own stash clearing and then add donations to the shipments from very generous Stitchers who share with me regularly. I have a huge passion to teach the next generation and do so regularly including the supplies.

  7. Congratulations on reaching 200 followers, Gloria!

    I rarely get rid of things in my stash because, to tell you the truth, I get almost as much pleasure from looking through all those wonderful designs from time to time as I do stitching them. I store the charts in large binders according to designer. Plus, I regularly lend charts to stitching friends so I like having my stash there to help a friend in need :) I've given things to the library and also in giveaways on my blog from time to time, but I keep the bulk of it because you just never know when you'll feel the desire to stitch certain charts!!

    Thanks for the giveaway chance--someone is going to be very happy :)

  8. oooo congratulations on the 200 followers :)mmmmmm stash ahhhh now that's a different story ....methinks it is breeding in my craft room ....I have them all organised by designer and I browse the bay of evil regularly as well as lots of blogs to see what folks are stitching and must get for thet will stitch pile .. need to live to about 500+ but I am working on it hahahaha.... I do lend them out to peeps and make a note of where they have gone to too :) Must agree with carol on the you just never know when you will stitch it again for someone else so you have to keep charts ...lol ... good luck to all who enter too :) love mouse xxxxx

  9. Congratulations on reaching 200 followers! My stash has spread all over the house. I need to de-stash but which should go? I sort and re-sort and then back into the cupboards and drawers it all goes! Please enter me into your giveaway so I will then have more stash LOL

  10. Congrats on 200 followers! Great giveaway! I have way too much stash! I try to cut it down, but as of right now, the stuff I was going to try to sell is still sitting there waiting. lol! There's quite a bit that I wonder if I'll ever actually stitch, but I hate to give it away. I even still have most of the charts I've already stitched! I'm a pack rat at heart. lol! Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Congrats on reaching the 200th mark! It's hard to let go of my stash, I always have reasons to keep them ha ha!

    Would love more stash, please enter me in your giveaway, thank you!


  12. Congratulations! 200 is a lot of followers! I have a lot of stitchy stuff, probably too much - but of course I want more pretty things.
    A few months ago I went thru my stuff and made some choices - some were easy to eliminate because my tastes have changed. Others I still love, but I recognize that I will probably not REALLY ever stitch them. So, I did some giveaways on te 123 Stitch Message board.

    Thanks for entering me in your generous giveaway.

    Mary in MN

    m_kaeding @ hotmail.com

  13. Congrats! You have many followers but it must be because you design so lovely designs :D If you are asking about my personal stash, size depends are you asking from me or DH. I would say you never have enought, but hi might disagree...

    I have been stitching so long that my taste have changed a lot so there are some designs that they don't speak to me anymore. Those I have sold or traded, some I have given as pressies to those of my friends who I know will stitch them. And last, I think that thank god, I have 2 girls, older one, Miss 6 years, allready learns to stitch so I will leave the rest to them!

  14. Congratulations on 200 followers!!

  15. Congratulations - please enter me in your drawing.


  16. Kudos for reaching the 200 follower milestone. Like many I find it really difficult to give away my stash despite it being huge. I have strategies to try and keep it manageable. I use my stitching group's annual "Pass the Trash" event as an excuse to clean out some things I know I will never stitch. Knowing they will go to a new home that appreciates them helps. (Especially when someone brings in a finished piece using my giveaways.) And recently I'm trying to follow a friend's lead. Her philosophy is to ask herself "Where would I put it?" Even if she likes a pattern if she doesn't think it fits with her decor she puts it in the giveaway pile. On the other hand, I use seven nieces to justify some of my collection. I have a really big assortment of patterns that I'm saving for future wedding projects. That includes anything that might be turned into a ring bearer's pillow. And stockings. I made all their stockings and have promised to do the same for their children. Of course my secret wish is that one or more of them would take up stitching. Two of them recently picked it up. On a recent visit they went "shopping" through my stash. I didn't feel but the smallest little pang at giving away piles of charts and fabric. Especially since one used the visit to begin her first piece on linen.

  17. Congrats on your 200th. I like you have a lot of stash and have given it away to fellow stitchers, girl scouts, and family that has shown an interest. I have found that some of the samplers I have given away that I did not yet stitch and have become popular once again I wish I had back oh well.I would like to be entered in your giveaway thanks

  18. Congratulations on reaching 200 :D I love to hang onto all my charts even though I know I will never stitch them all in my lifetime.

    I went through a rough period in my personal life last year and was ready to give up cross stitching all together. So I sat down with all my stash which just fits into a bankers box, compared to some stash I have seen that is nothing LOL Anyway I sat down and starting listing everything on my blog for sale. I sold off three Loose Feather Blackbird Designs charts and some other charts that were my favorites.

    Thankfully I came back to my senses and stopped selling and got back into stitching. I regret selling those three charts, even though two of them I had already stitched I would more than likely stitch them again if I had them in my possesion.

    So with that being said I do not give away from my presonal stash any longer UNLESS it is something I know I will for certain never stitch or re-stitch then I pass it along to someone I know will enjoy it :)

    Thank you for a fun drawing :)

  19. Congratulations with 200 followers!
    Well, sometimes it's hard to part with anything, but sometimes I just feel that one of my friends wants this pattern/kit/linen more than me, and has more chances to use it - and I give it to her! It's happiness for both :)


  20. Congratulations on 200 followers. Please enter me in your drawing.

    I'm afraid I can't yet part with my stash...well rarely I've passed something on.

    In times when I've lost my stitching mojo, I enjoy pawing through the stash and imagining I'll stitch it someday.

  21. Part with stash??!?! I couldn't! LOL! Not too awful long ago, I went through mine, piece by piece, and got rid of the stuff I knew I wouldn't use. And I am trying to stitch it all - I have about 20 projects in various stages of stitching! :-)

    Please enter me into your drawing!

  22. Congratulations on 200 followers :-) On the very rare occasions when I can convince myself to part with stash I usually bring the items to my stitching group to see if anyone there is interested in them. I've also brought stuff to the Stitcher's Lounge at Celebrations of Needlework in Nashua. If I can convince myself that someone will cherish them as much as I do I'm sometimes able to let a few things go. Very few.

  23. Congratulations on your 200 followers!!!!

    When I part with pieces from my beloved stash I look at my online friends' stitching request lists to see if I can match the item to a person's wish list. Then I get their contact info and pop it into the mail.

  24. congratulations on 200 - I think I am 205 joining today!
    I sometimes barter/trade with fellow stitchers, guild members, friends - people who might be looking for something I have. I also sometimes just "gift" something from my beloved stash to a friend. You're certainly right - we can't stitch it all and while I have cut back in my buying habits - I do still add monthly to my stash, either threads, charts etc. Thanks for the giveaway chance - Melody

  25. Congrats on 200 followers - very cool! Well since I have a closet, dresser, chest and various binders full of stash, I guess I have to say "Hi, my name is Kathy and I am a stash addict". I love my stash but once I complete a pattern I never stitch it twice (way too many new things to consider), so I have no problem giving those charts away. If I meet someone who wants to learn how to stitch, I usually set them up with fabric, needles, thread and a chart of their choosing. If I find myself not using something and one of my fellow stitchers uses it or needs it, I give it away. Recently I gave away about $100 in split rail scroll bars because I stopped using them but one my stitching buddies loved them. So you would think that since I am pretty easygoing about giving stuff away that I wouldn't have a room full of stash wouldn't you? Thanks for providing us the opportunity to confess our obsession and of course for enabling said obsession :) - Kathy

  26. what do I do with my stash, thats easy, my step daughters and grand daughters walk out the door with it. When they need a project to do instead of going to the store they shop at my house as the price (free) is so much better LOL I also have been donating some to the World of Charity Stitching group for their blog giveaways, and some goes towards their supplies for making quilts with CCS squares. the quilts go to nursing homes, cancer patients, ill children and a abused women and children's center. I also donate fabric and my time to the quilt projects

  27. my oldest granddaughter has expensive tastes! she goes through all my stash, then picks out only the silks and satins for her Barbie doll! Just finished making her a Vampire cloak for halloween, black fleece with, what else, red silk lining! LOL, she loved it! thank you so much for all your designs! Plan on stitching the Partridge in the pear tree from Just cross stitch next!

  28. Congratulations on your 200 followers!! My stash is very small and I pass on items when I have finished a project.

    kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

  29. I love your topic for posting for the giveaway. Like so many others, I to have a stash problem. I have recently decided to start culling my stash because I can never stitch it all. I have asked myself "what do you want to put your time into to leave behind 'one' day?" This has helped tremendously. Also I have found that my tastes have changed throughout the years too. I have an online friend that sends items to charitable programs that are in need of charts, fabric and thread that teach new young individuals to stitch. This has also helped to know that needy individuals will be blessed with item that I can donate. It also helps me to not feel guilty about replacing my stash with other charts I would like. I have sold some of my charts on-line as well that I have stitched that I know I will not stitch again. I am also going digital with other charts and selling off the paper version. I have downsized my living accomadations and therefore need to downsize my chart storage too. A flashdrive is my newest best friend besides my computer scanner. I have made tremendous head way but still have a long way to go. Hope this helps to inspire someone.

  30. I'm a new follower of your blog, but an old fan of your designs! I haven't given up on much of my stash, but have passed on some project to my sisters, sister-in-law, and especially my niece. When I decided I wouldn't be working on aida anymore, I passed my stash of that on to my niece. She's a new stitcher, and very excited about it. I love seeing someone new discover the joy of stitching, especially a young person. Congratulations on your 200+ followers, and I'm happy to be one of them.

  31. I fondle most of my stash periodically so I must admit I have given away only a small portion of it so far (and I have also put one of my given-away pieces back on my wish list, although I truly would never have time to finish it).
    Congratulations on so many followers and I would love to give your prize a happy home.

  32. Hi. I just found your blog and became a follower. I would love to be entered in your giveaway.
    I too, have enough stash for several life times but so enjoy looking thru it. My goal is to at least start everything I want to stitch. I may never finish anything but thats okay with me.

    Thanks, Linda

  33. You are very generous with your giveaway prizes. Congrats on reaching 200...now 212!!

    Hmm, stash. I have been buying a lot of stash lately because I have just started collecting about a year or so ago. I do give some stash away if I will not use it or think someone else will make good use of it. A number of the patterns that have been gifted to me, I often will give away...to sort of pass on the kindness. The only patterns I keep are the big ones that I have stitched.



  34. Congrats on 200 followers.
    I too have been trying to share some of my stash.
    I am usually a very minimalist when it comes to stuff. But needlework stuff just seems to want to hide at my house and it tells all of it's friends apparently! LOL
    I would love to say i'd pass on the stash giveaway, but I am a ME fan and can't pass a chance at that cutey pie sewing kit, so please enter me!
    brfried at gmail dot com

  35. I also congratulate you on 200 followers. I am a new follower of this blog, but not a new fan! I enjoyed reading everyone's reply to this topic! I am also a stash-a-holic. I am only able to give away those charts I have completed, or those I no longer care for! I am hoping for a long and healthy retirement so I can stitch up more of my stash, but that doesn't stop me from buying more!

    Debbie in Kansas

  36. Congrats on 200!!
    I hoard it! LOL
    I too bring it out occasionally and go through it, and hope for retirement soon!

  37. Congratulations on 200. I'm also very close.
    I hoard my stash. Sometimes I go through it and find something I don't want any more. I do have a folder of charts that says "I want to do these". I'm hoping my daughter will love to stitch the things that I have not been able to stitch, and that they will be done sometime after I'm gone. It's good to know there is someone you can pass them on to and will enjoy them.

    Mary Joan