Wednesday, August 13, 2014

To Market, to Market, to Market we go.....

Hello Stitching Friends,

Yes indeed, it's that time again.  I usually don't put out pictures of new products before the needlework markets, but my local needlework shop owner suggested that customers like to see what's coming out so they can let the LNS know what they are interested in purchasing.  This way shops can bring a list to market and know just what to buy.  So, for the first time I am releasing pictures before the market starts this weekend.  If anything strikes your fancy, be sure to let your LNS know so the shop owner will be sure to bring the item home with them from the market. 

The first three new releases are Christmas ornaments.  Two are from my long neglected Buttoned Christmas Series.  I didn't realize that I haven't added to that series since 2006.  So I have released two new patterns for those of you who like that series.

The first is Hark The Herald Angels Sing.  The model is stitched on 30 Count Weeks Dye Works Tin Roof Linen using Weeks Dye Works Floss.

The Second new ornament is called A Merry Little Christmas.  The model is stitched on 40 count Vintage Cedar Plank by Lakeside Linens using Weeks Dye Works and Gentle arts floss.
The last new ornament was originally designed for the Tudor Rose Sampler Guild in 2010 by Kim Lewis with additional input from Milady's Needle.  We changed a couple of things and decided to release Christmas Every Day to the general public.The model is stitched on 36 count Vintage Lentil by Lakeside Linens using Weeks Dye works and Gentle Arts floss,

Now, for the book lover who doesn't want to lose his or her place, the next design is the perfect quick gift yourself or a friend.  The design for Elegant Corner Bookmarks is an idea from Kim Lewis and designed by Milady's Needle.  The models are stitched on a 32 count linen called "Paper Linen" from Vikki Clayton Hand-Dyed Fibers.  The linen is very stiff and two pieces come in the kit along with Gloriana silk threads in two different colors.  I have included the finishing instructions with pictures so that you will easily be able to finish these by yourself.  
The last design is my personal favorite.  Since my trip to Scotland this past April was so wonderful, I wanted to design something to commemorate my first trip overseas.  The design is entitled Thistle Patch Sewing Box and is stitched on 40 Count Legacy Linen from Picture This Plus using Gloriana Silks.  The color names are most appropriately named Thistle Patch, Thistle Green and Thistle Orange.  I have included extensive finishing instructions with color photos to help you complete the project yourself.  I hope you like this design as much as I do. 


I am still working on Mary Carrington who I hope will be ready before the end of the year.  That was the plan anyway.  Below is a  full picture of the antique.
Milady's Needle has a new product line that we are introducing at the St. Charles Needlework market.  Kim Lewis is the designer and we are distributing these cute needlework accessories.  These really are a surprise for those who attend market so I will post pictures as soon as possible after the market.   

Well, I hope you like my new offerings and that you will find something you like.  Please let your LNS know of your interest so that they are sure to stop by to see us at the St. Charles Market this weekend.  They want more guidance as to what you want to stitch.  Often it's a real dilemma what to bring home to you, so give them your feedback.

Please let me know what you think.

Until Next Time...Keep Those Needles Busy!


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Attic Needlework Seminar

Oh my goodness.  It's been awhile.  I haven't even posted pictures of my trip to England and Scotland!! be honest I have had trouble getting those pictures downloaded to my computer, but I will have a bit more time after the market in St. Charles to get this done and let you know see what a wonderful time we had. 

Where does the time go???  There are days I wish there was a pill that would give me 8 hours sleep in one hour!

I taught a class at the Attic Needlework Summer School this weekend and received several compliments on the project.  It will be going into my teaching portfolio, so if you belong to a guild be sure to let them know that I am available for teaching.  I would love to meet some of you who have supported my efforts to keep Milady's Needle in business.  Thanks to all of you!!

Here is the project for the Attic Seminar.

Hope you are having a great summer and that you are having time for lots of stitching.  The next post will have pictures of the new releases for the St. Charles Market.
Till Next Time,