Monday, April 25, 2011

Drawing Results

Hello All,

Thank-you so much for your kind comments about Milady's Needle Designs.  I really do appreciate knowing that you like the designs that I have published.  Your feedback helps me to know whether I am on the right track with what I am offering the stitcher.  Thanks to all who went to their local needlework shop and ordered during the Online Needlework Show.

It was great to see so many people signed up for the drawing!!  I put the names or email addresses into the Random Number Generator and the drawing was held today.  The winners of the current drawing are:




Congratulations!!  The next step is to email me with your full name and address so that I can send you you one of  your favorite patterns.  Please let me hear from you this week so that I can get your pattern mailed before I leave for Arizona on the 30th. 
Until Next Time,


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Online Needlework Show Has Begun

Hello All,

It's that time of year again...the Spring Online Needlework Show is here! If you have already checked into the show you have seen the new designs.  I intended to post prior to the show opening, but I ran out of time before I left early this morning for Minnesota.  Not to worry though... I am back in town to fill orders from the show next week. 

Anyway...I wanted to post pictures of the new designs for all of you to see up a bit closer.  The first design is called in Search of Bliss.  The verse reminds us that there really is no place like home. 

The second design is a reproduction of a sampler by the sister of Maragaret Brown whose sampler was reproduced and released last year.  Sarah Brown's Sampler is pictured below first as the reproduction (designed using the colors from the back of the sampler) and then as the adaptation (designed using the softer faded colors from the front of the sampler.

Sarah H. Brown Reproduction

Sarah H. Brown Adaptation

If you compare Magaret's sampler to Sarah's sampler you will see some differences in the colors used in the large flowers in the vase, the bird motifs other either side of the sampler instead of the Quaker Stars and the number and shapes of the leaves.  The borders on these two samplers are so lovely and I really enjoyed stitching both Margaret's and Sarah's samplers.

Now...the Needlework Show Drawing:

Please add your comments to this post so that I can enter you in the Online Needlework Show Drawing.  I will pick two winners and they will receive a design from their wishlist.  In your comment be sure to post your wish list so that I know which designs from Milady's Needle are you favorites.  Don't forget to put your email address somewhere in your post so I know how to get a hold of you to let you know if you have won. 

Be sure to contact your local needlework store for the latest designs from Milady's Needle

Till We Stitch Again,