Sunday, September 16, 2012

Comments Anyone?

Hello Stitching Friends,

I have been looking at a lot of blogs out there trying to get new ideas for my blog.  I changed the look of the blog and I am wondering what you think.  If you have ideas as to what you would like to see more of on this blog, please leave a comment.  If I implement one of your ideas, I will send you a free chart from Milady's  Needle.  I would like to have this blog be one that people like to read and comment on.  So, let me hear it from you out there in blog land. 

I am stitching tonight and will be attending Sampler Sunday at the Attic tomorrow.  Wish I was already stitching on the new sampler design, but I am still charting it and choosing colors.  So, I will have to choose another sampler to bring with me to stitch on while there.  It should be a fun afternoon.  I love to look at all the samplers that others are working on and of course the new things will be in from the Baltimore Market. 

Off to stitch for awhile now and hope you are doing the same.

Until next time,


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Designs In the Works

Hello Friends,

Well, the last post I did was supposed to be on my personal blog as I am not sure how many of you are really all that interested in what I am stitching for friends or what I am reading or for that matter how I am feeling on any given day.  :)  I wondered where that post went on my personal blog and searched for it everywhere.  Guess I didn't think to look at this blog.  So, if you wondered why I was telling you all that was an oops moment.  :)

So, back to Milady's Needle doings.  The Summer Sampler Soiree at the Attic was simply wonderful!!  I had a great time teaching the finishing of the pin cushion and scissors fob.  Whilte I was teaching the class, I realized that my finishing technique for this piece is different enough that it would be a good teaching project rather than simply releasing it as a pattern. All the designers have agreed not to release their Soiree pieces for one year.  So I decided to release this design as a teaching piece and will be starting to schedule classes at the Nashville Needlework Market in 2013.  Classes will be scheduled beginning the fall of 2013.  I hope that some of the shops there will be interested and those of you who belong to guilds, please be sure to let your workshop chairperson know that Milady's Needle will be teaching the Garden Delight Pin Cushion and Fob.  They can contact me at

I am busy getting ready for the October Online Show.  I didn't attend the Baltimore Market this year, but I am looking forward to the next fall market being back in the middle of the country again.  I would love to return to St. Charles, Missouri, but I am not sure where the market is going to be next fall.  I am sure we will know by the Nashville Market, which is in February. 

In the meantime I am working on completing a few new things.  I have Christmas Ornaments in the works as well as Ann Smith Blockley's Needlework Accessories.  I am working on two reproductions and hope to have them complete for the Nashville Market.  If you read the Attic Needlework Newsletter, you will have seen a picture of these samplers.  Here is a sneak peak of M. Woods. 

The first picture is of the front of the sampler and the second is of the back of the sampler.  Look at those colors pop!!  I love looking at the back of the antique samplers.  The colors are so rich and bright.  I know that a lot of you love the older, softer look on the front, so never fear, I will include the softer colors in the final chart.  I think that she is going to be lovely with the original colors. 

The exciting thing about this sampler is that it is also going to be pictured in Joanne Lukacher's upcoming book about the samplers of Norfolk, England which will be published by In The Company of Friends.  I won't tell you too  much about this now except to say it will be available in February of 2013.  I will tell you more when I know more about the book.

A sneak peak of the other sampler in the works will be posted at a later date.  Don't you just get excited about new reproductions!!  I do and I love to look at what other designers are reproducing.  Several new ones were released at the Baltimore Market.  Look for all the latest reproductions at your local needlework shop.

Until Next Time,


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Gloomy Day

So, it's a cloudy in Arizona today.  Not many of these kinds of days in the Valley of the Sun.  I love bright sunshine, so when it clouds up I begin to feel a bit gloomy myself. 

So to cheer myself up, I am doing some of my favorite things....that is reading and stitching.  I am working on a gift for my good friend Kim.  She will be coming to visit here in October and her birthday is the 22nd, so of course the stitching is Halloween related.  Although I am not much on Halloween decorating myself, she loves Halloween and decorates and stitches on Halloween themed items as the 31st looms ahead.  I am looking forward to the visit and I know she will like the surprises I have in store for her birthday.  I won't post pictures until we actually celebrate as I really do want her to be surprised.  Will let you know how it turns out. 

I am currently reading House Rules by Jodi Picoult for my book club which meets on Monday.  Don't know that I will have it completely read, but it's a nice group of women, so I will go to the meeting anyway.  It's been a good read so far and I have always enjoyed Picoult's books. 

I am also reading Les Miserables.  Whew, a very long book, but very interesting.  The jury is out right now as to the rating, but I am still reading, so either I just want to get through over a 1,000 page book or I am still hooked into the story.

Next up on the book list is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. 

Guess I should get busy here, as the day is slipping by as time usually does.  Some days I wish I could slow it down.  When I was  kid I always wanted to speed things up.  How life changes.

Until next time,