Monday, June 21, 2010

What lovely work all of you do!!

Hi All,

I have been receiving pictures from some of you who have stitched Milady's Needle Designs.  I wanted to post some of these so that others can see your beautiful work.

Peta from New Zealand stitched up the Quaker Christmas Smalls and finished them as small booklets.  What a very unique idea!!  Aren't they sweet!

Annemiek Koning from the Netherlands finished Christmas Elegance as a gift for her parents.  The frame accents this piece quite nicely!

Gabi stitched up Christmas Blessings adding some metallics in the border for a very nice effect.

Karen changed the color on her Quaker Christmas Ornament so that it complements her pink Christmas Tree.

Carol finished her Quaker Christmas Ornaments in a very unique way.  How cute is that!!

Andrea from the UK stitched Christmas Blessings for a friend.  Look at her gorgeous finishing.

Finally Sabo from Japan has a lovely finish of the Needles & Pin design.  What a great idea!!

Please send me your pictures of your finished work!  I love to see what you have done with Milady's Needle designs. 

Keep those needles swiftly moving in and out of your linen.  Enjoy each moment of the time you have to stitch!