Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Years Greetings

Hello All,

The holiday season has come and gone much more quickly than I would like. It seems like the year just flew by!! The older I get the faster it goes. Our family is truly blessed. My husband and I both have jobs, we have health care, we have food to eat and we have family who love us. What else is there really!  We approach the new year with grateful hearts and hope the new year will bring blessings to our world.

A quick recap of December is in order since I didn't blog for over a month!!  For Shame!!

My friend Kim and I hosted the traditional guild Christmas party this year and the house was packed with 25 people and the food was wonderful! Seems like everyone but me is a great cook! My husband was in heaven with all the great varieties of food and commented on what great cooks we had in the guild. I think that was a nudge to me to consider developing that skill!!

Anyway, here are pictures of our Milady's Needle Christmas Tree and our Cross Stitch Gift Tree which is made up of gifts I have received at the guild ornament exchanges over the years and from friends. I do like the little trees and they were a life saver this year due to the number of guests at the Christmas party. I do miss my big tree and may put it up again next year.

I have also started a new blog....that blog will be a more personal blog with a focus on my life, my stitching projects, what I am reading and what I am thinking.  You can access the new blog page by following the link in my profile to A Samplermaker's Sampler Spot at http://samplermakerssamplerspot.blogspot.com/.  If you want to follow that blog too, be sure to click on the follow button and finish the sign up process.

I received several wonderful gifts from friends and family.  Of course the handmade things and stitching things are always the best.  Take a quick look at my personal blog and you will see what I have been working on and stitching gifts I have been given.

Well, I am off to prepare for market.  There are several new releases and I will let you know about them very soon.

Until Next Time,