Thursday, April 19, 2012

2012 Spring Online Needlework Show

Hello Friends,

I guess it would help to actually post the "Online Needlework Show Post" in order for you to leave your comments for the drawing.  :) 

Take a look at the Online Needlework Show ( for the latest patterns from Milady's Needle.   There are five 2012 releases, which were pictured in my last post in March.  The sampler pendants and other kits are only available at trade shows, so if you want your local needlework store to order these for you be sure to let them know during the show. 

             Milady's Sampler Pendants I                  



         Milady's Sampler Pendants II

To enter the drawing leave a comment to this post.  Be sure to include your email in the body of the post.  The last two shows I had extra winners, but did not hear from them or did not have an email for them to obtain address information.  Don't miss out because you didn't give me your email!!

It feels more like the beginning of summer here in Arizona, but April is supposed to still be Spring. This will be my first year here full time for the summer and I am sure I will adjust to the heat.  I did when I moved to Texas from Minnesota, so I will adjust here too. 

Have fun browsing the show!

Until Next Time,


P.S.  To those of you who have already posted to my last post in March, don't worry....I will enter you in the drawing.  You don't  need to re-post.  :)