Thursday, March 28, 2013

Nashville Needlework Market & M. Woods 1759 Sampler

Hello Friends,

I am back from the Needlework Market and finally recovering from all the flurry of activity that accompanies preparing and going to markets.  It was a wonderful market with a lot of wonderful new works from all the designers that we love to love.  I am sure that many of you have been to your local needlework stores market day or night and have enjoyed seeing some of those new designs.  It was great to see old friends and all the great shop owners that attend these events.  That's the best part...putting faces to names and renewing relationships with shop owners that have continued to carry Milady's Needle Designs.

On the design front at home...I know that many of you have been waiting patiently for the release of M. Woods 1759 and I worked very hard to get this reproduction complete before the market.  I finally had to give it up when I ran into problems with color matching that just would not resolve.  So, I had to put her on the back burner until I returned from the market and get all the other designs completed and ready for publication.  So I am indeed sorry that I wasn't able to get this complete for the Nashville Market, but I am plugging away on it now and hope to have it ready by May.  I almost have that color problem fixed and I am just waiting for some new colors of Tudor Silk from Gloriana Threads to see if there is a better match there.  In the end, you will all probably be fine with whatever I choose and I know it's going to be lovely.  I will announce the publication of the design here first and hope you will stay tuned for that announcement.  Please be patient for her late arrival.  Here is a picture of the entire antique so that you can see how lovely this sampler is going to be.  This picture shows the more muted colors that result from age and dirt.  Poor Margaret has some damage to her right lower corner too, but she is beautiful just the same.  The reproduction will be with the brilliant colors on the back, but I will try to give you some suggestions for the colors that will give you a more muted look.


As for the new market they are pictured below.  I hope you like the new designs.  If you don't have a local needlework store that carries these design, email me and I will get you directed to some shops that carry my designs.                                                       
Friendship Keepsake Box

Ann Blockley's Pin Cushion & Scissors Keep

 Ann Blockley's Pin Keeps
Ann Blockley's Needles & Pins

1817 Needle Book

Well, back to work here on M. Woods.  Maybe I can give you an update on my progress in a couple of weeks.
Until Next Time...Keep Those Needles Busy,