Friday, August 28, 2009

Michelle Finished Her Pin Cushion

Hello All,

Just wanted you to see Michelle's lovely pin cushion using BlackBird Designs bonus pattern from "The Simple Things". You can check out her blog at:

Market is just around the corner!!

Hello All,

My house will be a warehouse until after market now. Strung around the living room is fabric, charts, models, embossed boxes, silks and cotton floss all over the place. My husband has given up suggesting that I bring some order into this chaos and if I look in the garage where he is still busy turning pin cushions...I could suggest the same!!

We are busy getting all of our ducks in a row so that packing up for market will be easier than the last time. Every year my coherts in crime say,"we are not going to fit everything into the truck Gloria!!" But, after pushing, shoving, and rearranging, much to the dismay of my associates, everything does fit.

For this market...things will be tight. We still have the Milady's Acorn Box from the last market as some shops did not attend Nashville and will want another chance to purchase this box. We also are bringing a new box called "In the Garden". It is stitched on 40 count Butter Cream linen from Lakeside Linens using both Gentle Arts and Crescent Colours cotton floss. It will include the floss, the fabric to stitch the design, the finishing fabric and the pattern with finishing instructions. Adam and Eve are under that tree surrounded by a flowered vine, a squirrel, a rabbit and of course the alphabet. The snake is there too!! :) We are bringing enough so that hopefully we will not run out like the last market. You wouldn't believe how much room those little boxes take up.

It's late tonight so I will let you know about the other things coming out at market as soon as I can get back here to post again.

Happy Stitching To All!