Sunday, June 24, 2012

Feedback Needed From Stitchers

Hello Stitching Friends,

I am in need of feedback from those of you who would like to stitch the design Cottage Charm, but have not yet purchased the kit.  The kit came with linen, floss and fabric for the needle book and pocket. 

Cottage Charm Stitcher's Pocket

Cottage Charm Needle Book Inside

The kit is no longer available, because the fabric is no longer available.  Despite searching everywhere for more of this fabric, I have been unsuccessful.  I have never discontinued any of my designs, as I still have orders for them, so I hate to do this at this point.  I have had requests from shops for the kit, but have had to disappoint them. So, it would seem that there are still those who might want this design.  Obviously those who have the kit will be ahead of the game as they have the fabric for finishing which accents the piece so well.  But, I am sure there are other fabrics available that would work nicely too.
So...I am do you feel about offering this design as a pattern.  I would like to hear from shops as well and stitchers about this before I release this as a pattern. 

Please let me know your thoughts about this before I retire this pattern for good.  I always appreciate feedback from stitchers and shops.

Until next time...keep your needles busy.


Saturday, June 9, 2012


Hello Friends,

Every once in awhile I get a note from stitchers who tell me of a mistake or omission on one of my charts.  I really get frustrated when this happens, as I must proof these charts at least 20 times myself and I have others do this for me too.  So, I appologize profusely to those who have purchased charts expecting to have no trouble stitching the design.

With that in mind, I have two charts that need updating. 

If you have purchased Ann Smith Blockley 1834 and plan to stitch it in DMC; the number listed for the first floss is 3784.  Thanks go to Frances S. for finding this error.  The correct floss number is: 3787. 

If you purchased Queen Anne's Pin Chest & Needle Book and you are wondering what floss color to use for the Long-Armed Cross Stitch; the color to use is Belle Soie Enchanted Forest.  Thanks go to Mary J. for finding that I omited to specify the color used for this stitch in the stitching notes.

I do so appreciate it when a stitcher contacts me regarding an error.  Things do slip by in the process of proofing.  So, if you find an error, please let me know.  Both Mary and Frances are receiving a free chart for contacting me with this information.  Thank-you so much ladies.

It's a wonderfully hot Saturday afternoon in Arizona, so I am going to get stitching on a new project that I have developed for an upcoming class.  Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement regarding this class.

Until next time...stitch, stitch, stitch.