Saturday, November 6, 2010

Drawing Results (Drum Roll)

Hello Friends,

Well, the best laid plans are always interrupted by life.  Thanks for your patience in hearing the results of the drawing.

I decided to wait a few more days for updates from those of you who didn't have your email addresses in your post or profile.  I got a few responses, but unfortunately about a third of you did not leave me this information.  Since I try to get everything taken care of with in a few weeks of the show, no email address means I can't get a hold of you in a timely manner to let you know if you win.  So, I really do need those email addresses in your profile or post when you enter a drawing.  Then this week I discovered that Flu shots are not always inactive.  I am up and about now, so on to the results. 

The results were tabulated through a random draw organization online.  So, I do have the final results of the drawing.  The winners will recieve one item from their wish list which will be sent to them when I receive an email from them with their name and address.

Without further fanfare the winners are:

1.  Requilt:
2.  Susan:

Please contact me at the email address listed on my profile.  When I hear from you I can send you your wishlist item.

Thanks to all of you for participating in the Online Needlework Show Drawing.  Another drawing will be held in April of 2011.

Enjoy the upcoming holiday!!