Thursday, May 6, 2010

Update on Weeks Dye Works Retirement of Colors

Thanks to you Anne for clearing up the information that I received from a needlework news source regarding WDW color retirement.  If you read Anne's response to the last post, she indicated that WDW responded to her email and informed her that colors are never discontinued.  Apparently they retire colors and move them to the back of the order form in an attempt to keep their order forms to one page.  Colors are still available for order even if they are retired.  Very interesting.... but that's good news!!  In the past I have pieces that were designed with particular colors of overdyed floss and now those particular colors are no longer being dyed by that company.  That can be frustrating for a designer as well as the stitcher.

Sorry if I posted this information incorrectly.  The information I received was from a source that I thought was reliable.

Have a wonderful day full of stitching!