Sunday, September 16, 2012

Comments Anyone?

Hello Stitching Friends,

I have been looking at a lot of blogs out there trying to get new ideas for my blog.  I changed the look of the blog and I am wondering what you think.  If you have ideas as to what you would like to see more of on this blog, please leave a comment.  If I implement one of your ideas, I will send you a free chart from Milady's  Needle.  I would like to have this blog be one that people like to read and comment on.  So, let me hear it from you out there in blog land. 

I am stitching tonight and will be attending Sampler Sunday at the Attic tomorrow.  Wish I was already stitching on the new sampler design, but I am still charting it and choosing colors.  So, I will have to choose another sampler to bring with me to stitch on while there.  It should be a fun afternoon.  I love to look at all the samplers that others are working on and of course the new things will be in from the Baltimore Market. 

Off to stitch for awhile now and hope you are doing the same.

Until next time,



  1. helloo just catching up with every one ... mmmmm I like to look at sneak peaks and see your wonderful finishes as well , but it is also nice to read about your daily life too :)
    how about some of your favourite blogs , designers or even suppliers on the sides ??? some were where we can pop over to see them too :)
    love your top photo but think the sides need a wee bit more of umph :)
    hope that helps a bit ???
    love mouse xxxxx

    1. Hi Mouse,

      Thanks for your comments. What great ideas. I am just learning how to do some of this stuff and will take what you have suggested and see what I can do. I agree with you about the top and I am trying to figure out how to make some changes up there to make it look more seamless and with a bit more UMPH!! :) Thanks again for taking the time to comment.


  2. Hi Gloria :) I am a pretty new follower of your blog so I'm not sure what it looked like before. I love your new header and think it is perfect for the name of your business and blog... You may want to consider photos adding some of your finishes in your sidebar, a list of stitching blogs/sites that you follow, a "labels" box (kind of like an index for your blog which makes it easily searchable)... Maybe, if you're a reader one of the reading gadgets from Good Reads or Shelfari that are available. Anything that will help the reader know a bit more of who you are :)

    Hope these things give you a few ideas--enjoy your week ahead!

  3. I agree with mouse. Also...what about having your newest designs, and/or some of your favorites shown in the side bar.

    Edit to add....And seen that ideas can be put in. Getting rid of word verification would be fantastic too. I hate those. I often don't comment soon as I see those. Because I'm giving now the verification for this very comment here in for the 3rd time ...fingers crossed that I read it right this time.

  4. love the new look.I enjoy your new design updates and viewing your personal blog. A freebie seems to draw alot of attention :)
    Thx for sharing.

  5. As someone who has a blog...don't get rid of verification! I tried to get rid of it and ended up with inappropriate comments left on my blog. Some spam and others links to nasty sites. For those who have trouble reading the code there is a button that when clicked will read the code aloud.

    I agree that you need something in the side bars- your favorite blogs, your new designs, perhaps links to your favorite stitching sites.

    No one has mentioned this yet, but the bright background makes it a little difficult to read your blog. There's too much contrast.

  6. I like the idea of labels in your side bar....And, a photo roll of your designs or of those that stitchers send you pictures of...Nothing like featuring a stitcher who has completed one of your designs having their name mentioned on the designers blog....I dont have the "wide" version of the blog template, of which I think you do... Not sure what I mean?, go to my blog....

    Thanks and keep up the great work!~ Faye

  7. I would change the color of the black frame at the top of your blog to any other color. I do like the clean look of your blog - it's very easy on the eyes.
    I have also noticed that occasional drawings seem to attract a lot of traffic to a blog.
    I also like Faye's idea of a separate page with pictures of finishes of your designs by stitchers out in blogland.

  8. WOW!!! You guys are great!! Such great suggestions!! I like the clean look of a blog that is set up so that your focus is on the content rather than all the trimmings on the blog, but I also like to have a bit more fanfare too. Now I will have to really get busy here and figure out how to do all that stuff. :)

    Thanks so much!!

  9. How about links for freebies that you may offer, links to pics of your older designs and newer ones? And put up buttons of any stitcher groups, guilds, etc., that you may belong to? Also, announcements of classes you'll be taking part in at the Attic and elsewhere.

  10. I enjoy reading blogs, even though I don't have one myself yet. I would like to make one, just haven't taken the plunge.
    I like to read about new designs coming out and see pics also. A good thing would be a list of all your designs somewhere on your blog and a small free chart is good every now and then. I like to read about things that interest you, other hobbies you like, about your travels, etc. I love your designs and have stitched a few of them. Keep up the good work!

  11. I like your new blog look!
    If you use tags for your posts, it would be a great idea to add them as another gadget at the side panel :)

    Best wishes,

  12. Hello Gloria,

    I love your blog, if you show what you are working on it always inspires me, getting back into cross stitch lately so seeing what everyone else is working on is fun.

    I love that you enjoy reading too, I found some great books this way.

    Happy days.