Monday, November 5, 2012

Je Suis Malade!! / Online Needlework Show Orders / Drawing Winner

Hello Friends,

I have been reading the book Les Miserables and so I thought my post title would peak some curiousity.  It just means that I am sick.  Basically miserable!!!  Guess I got a wopper of a cold or the flu beginning Friday and ended up with a 102 fever and aches and pains.  I have been sleeping most of the weekend.  Finally had a nice bath and my temp seems to be going down some.  Only 99 so that's good.  Since the Online Needlework Show things have been very hectic.

First let me say to those shops who ordered from the Online Needlework Show... It was a great show and now I need supplies to finish processing orders.  So hang in there, I hope to get all the supplies by the middle of this week and you should get your statements by the end of the week.  Hopefully all orders will ship by Friday.  It's great when business is brisk, but when I run out of things it can slow things up a bit.  Sorry about that.

My good friend Kim from Texas arrived right after the Online Show closed.  We had a great time despite the cold she caught the day after she arrived and then passed on to me.  She was here for ten days and we celebrated her birthday while she was visiting. 
This stitched piece by Plum Street Samplers is what I gave to her this year. She loves Halloween and really enjoyed this piece. 
We spent time at the Attic shopping and then in Sedona and Jerome shopping too. It was a great time until Friday when I succumbed to misery. She left on Saturday morning and I have been in bed since. :(
So, before I head back to bed, I wanted to let you know the outcome of the Online Needlework Show Drawing.  The winners are as follows:
1st:   Lin
2nd: Valhi
3rd:  Penny
The three of you need to contact me via email and let me know your snail mail address so that I can get your gift off to you next week.
I am off to more bed rest.  I hope you don't catch this bug!!
Until Next Time...Keep Your Needles Humming.

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