Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nashville New Releases & Update

Hello Sampler Friends,

Well, a lot has happened since I last posted.  We are finally getting settled into our new home.  Does that mean that all the boxes are unpacked?  Nope...but our downstairs is pretty settled.  The Kitchen, Den, Living Room, Dining Room and Library are set up and liveable without boxes.  So, that feels a bit more settled.  The guest room and bath is ready for visitors, but the garage is still full and my office is still quite a mess.  Our neighbors told us it took them a year to get all their boxes out of the garage, so I don't feel so bad still having boxes around.  I just hope we get things in order sooner than a year!!

After a year of sabbatical, I am back in gear and designing again.  For the first time I flew to the market and it was quite an adventure.  Everything cost more than I thought it would, but I hope I learned some things for next time to cut down on that expense.  Which reminds me...does anyone know what the going tipping rate is for bellmen and skycaps?  It's been awhile since I had to tip someone.  For all the previous markets we drove, so we didn't use their services.  I am sure I over did it.

We forgot to take pictures of the suite, so I don't have any pictures to show, but lets get down to the really important information...the new releases.  I am excited to share the new releases and I have worked hard to bring you more of what you have said you like in the way of designs.  So here are the new items released at the Nashville Needlework Market.

Queen Anne's Pin Chest and Needle Book
Sweet Bird's Pin Nest and Needle Book

These hideaway pin cushions are stitched on Weeks Dye Works 40 Count Confederate Gray Linen using Belle Soie Silks from Crescent Colours.  Instructions for finishing are included and the pin cushion when removed from the wooden base reveals an area in which to put pins or the matching needle book. 

Queen Anne's Pin Chest and Needle Book

Sweet Bird's Pin Nest and Needle Book

Milady's Sampler Pendants I
(Market Special)

These cute sampler pendants are stitched on 36 Count Pecan Butter by Lakeside Linens using Gentle Arts Threads over one linen thread.  The fabric and fibers to do all four designs are included in the kit along with one pendant.  Extra pendants are available at your local needlework store.

Milady's Sampler Pendants II
(Market Special)

Another cute set of sampler pendants are stitched on 36 Count Pecan Butter by Lakeside Linens using Glorianna Luminescence over one linen thread. Again the fabric and fibers to do all four designs are included in the kit along with one pendant. 

And Finally....The new reproduction of  
Ann Smith Blockley 1834

Ann is stitched on 45 Count Vintage Meadow Rue from Lakeside Linens using Au Ver A Soie 100/3 silks from Access Commodities.  I loved working on this count with this silk.  Ann was great fun to stitch.  Almost everything on her sampler is asymetrical.  It could be by one or two stitches, but most motifs are not exactly the same on both sides.   The lack of symetry just adds to the charm of this sampler.  So, if you pick this piece up from your local needlework store, be sure to follow the chart carefully. 

That's all the news for this time.  I hope you like the new designs and will let me know what you think.  The next show will probably be the Online Show in April, so stay tuned.

Until next time,



  1. Love the pin chests - where can I get these?

    1. Hi Carol,

      The patterns and pin chests are available at your local needlework shop, but if you don't have a local one, try one of the shops online. If you need some suggestions email me at

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  3. Just saw your wares at the online show...everything looks great as usual but my favorites are the two pin nests, particularly Sweet Birds. Love Margaret Brown too!

  4. Beautiful pieces at the Online Needlework Show! My favourites are the Quaker Christmas Smalls, and Winter is Past (particularly as we are still waiting for the last of the snow to melt here in Canada!). Happy stitching!

    Steff (

  5. Your pieces at the online needlework show are great! I like ABC Come Stitch with me the best.

  6. Love the designs on the 2012 Online Needlework show! Hard to narrow down to just a few, but...

    Faithful Friends (MN60) by Milady's Needle

    The Birds & The Bees (MN58) by Milady's Needle

    Acorns & Apples (MN40) by Milady's Needle

    All are just lovely!

    bronzemom AT gmail DOT com

  7. Hi Gloria - I like so many of your designs! I love these in particular and would love any of them!

    Sweet Bird's Pin Nest and Needlebook
    Ann Smith Blockley 1834
    In Search of Bliss
    1786 Practice Sampler
    Margaret Brown

    Keep up the good work and keep the designs coming!
    Tedra Raden, Phoenix, AZ

  8. Welcome back! You were missed! I've been over to the Online Needlework Show looking around and saw your page. I just love the Pin Nest and Needlebook! Also love those mini sampler pendants. Keep up the good work! Your designs are great!

  9. I was over at the Needlework show and I just LOVEMNKT01 - Needles & Pins. This is so true in so many ways...LOL.

    I'm now following your blog.