Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Nashville Review

Hello Stitching Friends,

Home from Nashville and just a bit tired.  I had a great time seeing all my designer friends and wholesalers who supply me with great threads and great fabrics for my designs.  All of the designers are really working hard to design fantastic pieces that you will love to stitch.  My booth was right next to Workbasket and Niky's Creations.  Candy, Mary and Nicky had a lot of wonderful new pieces and I couldn't resist adding to my personal stash.  Unfortunately due to weather there were four vendors and 22 shops that didn't make it to market.  That makes it difficult for the shops to get all the new stuff until a few weeks after other shops who were able to make it to the market.  I hope that those of you who live near a local needlework store that couldn't make it will be patient as they try to get things in quickly.

I have two new pieces and one piece not yet seen by the shops at a market.  M. Woods came with me and there were many shop owners that bought patterns after seeing the beauty of the colors on this sampler for the first time.  The two other pieces are called  M'Lord's Necessities Box and Milady's Travel Ort Box.

Milady's Travel Ort Box is a small piece that can be stitched in a few hours.  The piece is mounted on a Jo-Ann fabrics pin box so you won't have a problem finding the box.  Easy, quick stitch for your stitching bag.

Milady's Travel Ort Box
M'Lord's Necessities Box grew out of a desire to see a clean counter space in my kitchen.  My husband comes home from wherever and then promptly puts his keys, billfold, cell phone and change on the counter,  This drives me nuts!!  So, I decided to come up with a more masculine design that could put on a box where all these items could be stored.  Take a look at this box.  It does have room for all of his necessities!

M'Lord's Necessities Box
I am currently working on a reproduction of Mary Carrington which I hope will be done this summer.  I hope you like the new pieces and if your local needlework store does not carry Milady's Needle, be sure to ask them to contact me and order the latest designs.
Until next time....keep your needles busy!


  1. Love the designs! I'm going to have to add the orts to my stash!

  2. Thanks Sheila. Glad you like them! It's always good to hear comments about what I am producing for your stitching pleasure.

  3. Love these little lovelies's I will seek them at mu local needlework shop.