Thursday, October 20, 2011

October Online Needlework Show Starts Today

Hello Friends,

Well, it's that time again.  The October Online Needlework Show starts later today and Milady's Needle is again participating.  For this show I decided to focus on Christmas, so my entire ornament collection is listed in the show.  Oldies but goodies are listed as well as the latest designs.  Browse and make a list to give to your local needlework store so that they will order them during the show.

Here is my first design.
 It was a joy to stitch.

One of my favorites is Christmas Elegance. 
I love the look of one color.

There will be a drawing again for this show.  By now you know the drill...tell me what's on your wish list and I will send you one or two of your favorites.  There will be three winners.  However, you must either leave me your email address in your post or have your email address visible in your account settings so that I can contact you if you win.  In April, I was unable to get a hold of one of the winners, because I couldn't find an email.  Don't miss out simply because I don't have a way to get a hold of you. 

Although we are on the road this weekend...the move to Arizona is finally happening...I will be checking in on the blog to see what's up.  I arrive in Arizona on the 24th and the show ends on the 25th so be patient while I open boxes of product to fill orders and announce the winners of the drawing.

Thank-you all for hanging in with Milady's Needle while we have been on sabbatical this year.  We are looking forward to our return to markets starting February at Nashville.  Look for a new reproduction sampler or two, more pendants, pin cushions and whatever else comes out of the design closet. 

Till Next Time...Enjoy a stitch or two.




  1. ooooo enjoy the show and hope you get lots of orders from it over there .... being over the pond we don't have that here :( but if i got chance to have go in the draw .. love your acorn rules and your Christmas elegance :) love mouse xxxxx

  2. Thanks for the drawing. I really love Christmas Elegance and Margaret W. Brown. Thanks, Mary

  3. I've been looking through the Online Needlework Show today and I love so many of your designs. Here are some on my wish list!
    Yuletide Hornbooks
    Merry Christmas To Thee
    Quaker Christmas Smalls
    Victorian Christmas Swirls
    Thanks, Phyllis

  4. I making my wish list at the needlework show, Helps hubby get me what I want.

    In search of Bliss
    Christmas Elegance

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  6. Thank you for this opportunity. My wish is for Quaker Christmas Smalls or Woodland Christmas.

  7. Once again looking through the Needlework show... My wishlist:
    MN52 - Christmas Elegance
    MN 36 - Quaker Christmas Smalls

    Pirjo from Finland

  8. oh what a gtreat show it is lots of new and lovely things to buy and stitch.

    Thank you for this my wish list is
    MN 36 - Quaker Christmas Smalls
    MN1 Merry Christmas To Thee
    MNS03 - In The Garden
    MNS02 - Milady's Acorn Box

    ooh I could be here all day LOL

  9. You have some beautiful designs on show.
    My wish list would definitely start with Quaker Christmas smalls. I also love Spotof Christmas and Yuletide Hornbooks

  10. I love this show, it gives me the opportunity to discover so many more new artists and drool over new things. I find it next to impossible to go to actual shows, so this is a godsend!

    I have both sets of Quaker pendants on my wish list already and the Quaker Christmas smalls are so pretty!


  11. I love your designs. They make me happy to look at and stitch them. It would be an honor to win "Spot of Christmas" or "Woodland Christmas".

    Renee McCord

  12. Christmas Elegance definitely! :o) Thanks for your generosity.


  13. Milady's Needle Quaker Pendants I has been on my wishlist far too long. LOL

    Your page looks great at the Needlework Show.


  14. Milady's Acorn Box definetely! Saw it now first time and felt in love!

  15. I love your designs, and I love having the opportunity to look at them online and make a wish/shopping list! Quaker Christmas Smalls is at the top of my list, and I love all of the Christmas designs. I'm making ornaments for my children as they enter their own homes, and I'll definitely be making many of your designs! Hugs to you...Lisa

  16. Oh what wonderful designs. I am now a follower.

    I think Christmas Elegance is my absolute favorite. I would love the opportunity to win.

  17. I'm enjoying browsing the Needlework Show. Thank you for the contest. My wish list is:

    Visions of Sugar Plums
    Milady's Acorn Box
    In The Garden

    Thank you!

  18. Love the Needlwork Show and browsing. My Wish List is: Christmas Spot, Quaker Christmas, Oh Christmas Tree. Thank you for the contest.


  19. Thank you for the chance.
    My wish list is..........
    Milady's Acorn Box
    In Search of Bliss

  20. Thanks for the generous contest :o)
    My wish list:
    MN59 Margaret W. Brown
    MN64 Sarah H. Brown

    Leigh Hill

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  22. Thanks for having a door prize! My favourites are:

    MN52 Christmas Elegance
    MN36 Quaker Christmas Smalls
    MN51 Halloween Rules

    Good luck with your move as well!

  23. I had not heard of you so have really enjoyed looking at your designs jn the needlework show, and now follow your blog. If I had the chance to win my wish list would be:

    MNS03 In the Garden
    MNS02 Military's Acorn Box
    MN1 Merry Christmas to Thee

    thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  24. This is my first visit to the Needlework Show. So many projects and so little time! I would love to win Christmas Elegance. I would stitch one for myself and another for our stitching group's ornament exchange. My email is

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  25. I would love to be considered for your Needlework show doorprize. I love your designs and as part of my wish list I include:
    MN9 - Peaceful Christmas
    MN52 - Christmas Elegance
    MNKT05 - Yuletide Hornbooks

    and others. :)

    katkiley@ aol .com

  26. Thank you for offering a door prize in The Needlework Show.
    My wish list is
    MNS03 In The Garden
    MN7 Silent Night
    MN1 Merry Christmas to Thee

    Connie B

  27. I love looking at all of the patterns but really like Faithful Friends and In Search of Bliss.
    Thanks for the prize opportunity!
    Claire Dent

  28. I love your designs especially:
    In the garden
    Victorian Christmas Swirls
    Visions of Sugar Plums
    Terry F

  29. I just love Quaker Christmas smalls and Milady's acorn box

    Sweet of you to have the competition

  30. Thanks for the generous opportunity! I love the simplicity in the single colors of Christmas Elegance, too.