Friday, October 8, 2010

Whew!! What a great market!!

Hello Friends,

Well, I am back home again from the market and we had a wonderful time as well as selling quite a few goodies to your local needlework store.  Be sure to check with them for new products. 

First, here is a peek at our suite during the market.  

Models Top Row:

Faithful Friends
Sarah Brown (Margaret's Sister's Sampler)
The Bird's & The Bees

Models Top Left:
Margaret  Brown  (Reproduction)
Margaret Brown (Adaptation)
Margaret Brown (Orginal) 

Models Top Left:

Christmas Tree Farm
Spot of Christmas

Models on Table:

Christmas Blessings
Yuletide Hornbooks

Another view of the new releases

Yet another view of Margaret Brown 

Models On The Table:

Milady's Quaker Pendants I & II
Quaker Pin Cushions
Precious Pin Cushions
Floss Tag-A Longs
ABC Come Stitch With Me

Now on to individual pictures of the new releases at St. Charles:

Faithful Friends

  The Birds & The Bees 


Margaret Brown (Reproduction)      

Margaret Brown (Adaptation)

 Margaret Brown (Original)

Yuletide Hornbooks

I hope you like the new releases!!  And with that I will close for today.  I still have a lot to do before the October Online Needlework Show.  I hope that some of you will stop by the show to learn how to enter for a chance to win a door prize.  Keep on stitching!
Till next time,

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  1. what a presentation!! I think market would be just so overwhelming I would feel faint LOL!! Love your designs!